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How do you explain a puppy mill survivor to a child?

How do you explain a puppy mill survivor to a child? It is a hard conversation with anyone, but explaining it to someone so young can be a challange. 

Elizabeth and her family adopted a puppy mill survivor. She has two young girls and had the challenge of explaining how their new dog will be different. 

Little kids typically struggle with empathy. I was very specific as we faced each struggle. So when she wouldn’t eat from her bowl I explained to the kids it’s possible her food was just thrown on the floor so we had to help her learn. When she couldn’t walk on the leash I explained that she spent a lot of time caged up and no one ever took her on walk. Basically every step making them understand her hard life and how it was our job to teach her about her new life.


As her kids learned more, her daughter Everleigh knew she had to help start spreading the words about puppy mills.

We asked Everleigh why it is important for people to know about puppy mills, and how does she explain it to other children. 

The mill is bad and they don’t take care of the dogs and use them just for babies. I tell them it’s a bad place where they don’t take care of dogs. I also tell them the whole story of my dog Luna and how she could have died if she wasn’t rescued. She was missing some teeth. She couldn’t do stairs and I had to hand feed her because she didn’t know how to eat out of a bowl. If we tried to take her for a walk. She wouldn’t budge and would just lay down. 


Elizabeth is beyond thrilled that her daughter is taking such an active role in trying to educate people.

Everleigh is a special kid and mature for her age. While she doesn’t know all the details I thought she could handle knowing the truth about where Luna had come from. She wants to be a vet when she grows up and have her own rescue.

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Make this a dog’s best Christmas in July ever

We all know dogs are not presents. But, you can give a dog the best present ever… a forever home! Check out some adoptable dogs from our team and our rescue partners.

Thor – Deacon’s Hope – Wauseon, Ohio

Thor has been in rescue 2 years now. We aren’t quite sure why no one wants to adopt this handsome, sweet dude. Is it because he’s deaf? Is it because he looks too Pittie? Thor is part Dalmatian and look at his beautiful blue eye. Thor requires no meds just the monthly flea/tick/heartworm prevention. He knows some hand signals and reads body language like a pro. He prefers a playmate but a home with no other dogs would be just fine too. This spry 5-6 year old boy is just waiting for some kids to call his own or, a person or two to keep company and snuggle on the couch or go for walks. He’s housebroken, crate trained and a loyal friend. He takes awesome pictures too as you can see. His adoption fee has been reduced to $150 because he needs to find his loving forever family. Please help us share Thor so he can find his own hoomans💕 Wauseon, Ohio. By the way, his adoption fee is sponsored for the right home.

Blue Jean – Puppy Mill Rescue Team – Medina, OH

Blue Jeans is a 9 year old male bichon. Loves the baby and pouts when in a crate so he really doesnt need it he gets short little old man bursts of energy but mostly just likes to curl up in a snuggly blanket and enjoy his retirement. To apply to adopt, visit

Sonya – Mastiffs to Mutts – Morrisdale, PA.

Sonya is a 3 year old English Mastiff through Mastiffs to Mutts Rescue ( Sonya loves all people. She is a velcro dog and follows her foster mom everywhere. 

Likes: Long naps and car rides

Dislikes: Fireworks and loud noises

Personality: Sonya is sweet and gentle

Temperament: Sweet but sometimes she gets scared

Energy level: Lazy

Favorite activities: Sleeping and short walks in the yard.

Good with cats, dogs, and kids over 6?: Good with kids and people

Not good with: dogs

Housetrained: Yes

Crate trained: Yes

Challenges: Learning to walk better on a leash.

Any Medical issues? None known

What would be the best kind of home? Sonya would do best as the only dog. 

Daphne – Peis and Stays – Rochester, NY

Daphne is a 3 year old southern mutt being fostered with Peis and Strays in Rochester NY. She is super affectionate and loves attention from her foster mom and kids. Well behaved in the house and does not need any special care or medication. She was abused before coming to rescue, so does still get nervous in new situations, but is great at home.

Ida Sue – Puppy Mill Rescue Team – Medina, OH

Ida Sue is 8 year old female bichon She loves to cuddle and gets the zoomies. Has a tail that never stops wagging. She had 25 teeth removed so her tongue sticks out because no teeth to hold it in. To apply to adopt, visit

Rocky – Peis and Strays – Rochester, NY

Rocky is a 3-4 year old purebred Shar Pei being fostered in Rochester NY with Peis and Strays. He is super sweet and goofy and loves to play with the other dogs and people in his foster home. He’s very outgoing and has more of a Lab type personality. He will need to go to a home with breed experience to help maintain his beauty

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Children make a difference with puppy mill survivors.

Children of all ages can make a huge difference in a puppy mill dog’s life. Many of our rescue partners have children within their family, and are proud of how they take on the challenge of helping these dogs recover. We asked them to show us how the children they know are making a difference.

 My “little sister” from Big Brothers Big Sisters, Aliyah. She cleans up poop, vomit you name it with no question. Loves to go to transports, give baths, go on walks and attend adoption events. She is truly a blessing.

Emily C

Logan ( or Jr. Vol. as he is known through Buffalo Pug) he is the dog wisperer. He helps us with all Adoption events in Rochester and even Buffalo when we attended. He helps at home with all the foster dogs. He is an amazing little man with a big heart. Fun fact as a smaller kid he was deathly afraid of all dogs till he came home one day and there was a dog in his house.

Shannon G
The dog in this photo is Rylee, “our blind foster who came for a visit last week and Logan took him to his 5th grade dance.”

Alexa is my daughter and also is phenomenal with all my fosters. She is a “dog whisperer”. She was the first person that our foster mill dog Margot would allow to pick her up and even pet her. Alexa just has a special way of earning the love and trust of these terrified dogs. She helps feed, walk, and clean up after them. She also is very involved in all of Mountain Rottie Rescue’s fundraisers and adoption events.

Danielle M

Where do I even begin with this child?! It’s really really hard to choose one photo as there are so many! This kid is amazing in so many way (and it’s not just because he’s mine😉). Caden has had a kind heart and passion for helping animals since he was able. Being the child of a mother who founded an animal rescue when he was four years old, he has experienced it all.. the good, the bad and the ugly. From rescuing dogs at risk of euthanasia, to fostering dogs deemed aggressive to pouring his heart and sole into hospice cases, this kid has taken on the “future rescuer” title likes champ. Caden has learned how to work with dogs that we would never place into a home with children (not because of the dog but because of the lack of respect of the child), he volunteers at events, parades and fosters dogs of his own. This is a photo of Caden with Frazier. Frazier was rescued from an Amish Ohio Puppy Mill at 9 years old. Upon intake, Frazier had dental disease and a severely infected tooth. He was also loaded with fleas and was then diagnosed with bladder cancer. Caden has been through these situations so often that he doesn’t bat an eye and does what he can to provide love for these babies until their time comes.

Christie L

My Granddaughter Abby with Mill rescue Tootsie …she comes by it naturally! ❤ She’s great with helping to socialize the dogs with kids!

Donna S

When your teenager loves the pups but blow outs on mill dogs still smell after the first bath

Kelly G

Lucas is 8 years old. He has seen so many dogs come through our house but mill dogs are his favorite. He loves to watch them come alive and learn to be dogs. He has a heart of gold and the most patience I’ve ever seen in a kid especially with a Mom that is always busy doing rescue work.

Amber H

Ahh.. where to boys 5 and 13 have been helping me since birth..they are professional kid testers,walkers,snugglers,cleaner,crate and rotaters,friends..they are with my for meets,home visits,all the happy and sad times. They are not shielded from any of it..its our passion as a family that make it work. 
Our foster girls have jumped on to this also 8 and 11 and are so connected since” we foster and help animals just like them”

Janis H

We got custody of our nieces 2.4 years ago. When Daykota and Shelbi came to us they had nothing but the clothes on their backs. Having had been in the type of home that I typically rescue animals from, they instantly bonded with all my rescue dogs and, soon started accompanying me on rescues, transports, vet appointments, visits to shelters and delivering dogs to their forever homes. We always try to take a funny selfie when we rescue a dog. They are of great comfort to the new dogs that come in to our home and comfort when we pick up rescues from the mills, homes or shelters. They have learned a lot about rescue these past 2 years and, help with feedings, washing blankets, walking dogs, grooming and socializing. The dogs seem to connect instantly with them and I don’t know if it’s because the girls understand what it feels like to be neglected, abused and abandoned or, if it’s because they are kids but, I have to believe it’s the latter. I know I have now taught two more humans to be compassionate and good stewards for the animals. Rescuing with the girls has changed me as well. Most of the people in my family don’t understand why I rescue but with these two, I’m not only their aunt but their hero. Sometimes we need to here that to keep doing what we do. I’m very proud of the love they show all the animals I rescue…even the ones that have pooped, peed and puked on them and, the ones who smell bad enough for us to roll the windows down all the way in the winter. They are good sports and good girls.

Kelly M

This is Rylee she is 6 and loves every foster I bring home. She is always playing with them and letting them sleep in her bed.

Ashley P

Hannah ,12 years old and she has been in involved in rescue since she was 5 years old. She has fostered many dogs for StoryTeller’s Express inc including Amish mill dogs. Here she is with Taycan, an Amish puppy mill surrendered in the beginning of 2019. Taycan was transported from OH to VA and both were just in love. Hannah has also assisted in puppy birth (including Gingers babies, Amish mill dog surrender) and is the most amazing foster sister, always willing to help and saving an another dog.

Tatjana V.
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41 dogs are being saved by 19 rescues on 7/12/19!

Yes, you read those numbers right! Here is a sneak peek of just some of the dogs who are being rescued tomorrow. Below the photos you can get further information on all the dogs coming to the team and our rescue partners tomorrow.


Mini Huskydoodle (Mini Poodle-Husky), male, 20 weeks, ~15 lbs 

Bichon, female, 6 yrs old 

Bichon-Poodle, male, 1 yr old 

Husky, female, 4 yrs old, black/white/gray    

Pomsky, female, 21 weeks old    

Labrador, female, 3 yrs old     

Labrador, male, 14 weeks old    


Yorkie, female, 5 yrs   


Yorkie, female, 3 yrs old 


Aussie Heeler mix, male pup, 15-16 weeks old

Aussie Heeler mix, female pup, 15-16 weeks old

Aussie Heeler mix, female pup, 15-16 weeks old


Boston Terrier, 4 yrs old, red/white –


Pomeranian, female, 3 yrs

Pomeranian, female, 8 yrs 

Shih Tzu, female, 7 yrs   

Shih Tzu, female, 8 yrs

Pomeranian, female, 8 yrs, cream  –


Maltese, female, 6 yrs 


Yorkie-Bichon, female, 4 yrs 

Yorkie, female, 3 yrs old

Mini Huskydoodle (Mini Poodle-Husky), male, 20 weeks, ~15 lbs


Mini Huskydoodle (Mini Poodle-Husky), male, 20 weeks, ~15 lbs


Frenchie, male, 8 yrs 

Rottweiler, female, 6-7 yrs old, ~90 lbs, “Moxy”, very social and friendly   


Dachshund, male, 7 yrs old, red 


Bichon, female, 6 yrs 


Labrador, male, 6 months old old      

Labrador, male, 2 yrs old    


Husky, female, 2 yrs old, black/white/gray    

PUREBRED RESCUE: Bichon-Poodle, female, 1 yr   


Yorkie-Bichon, female, 7 yrs 

Maltese-Yorkie, female, 8 yrs  

TRI-STATE SHIBA INU RESCUE:  Shiba Inu, female, 5 yrs old, red    

Shiba Inu, female, 5 yrs old, cream    

Shiba Inu, male, 8 yrs old, red    


Yorkie, female, 7 yrs, parti-colored


Aussie Shepherd, female, 14 weeks old, deaf

Aussie Shepherd, male, 14 weeks old, deaf


Bichon, female, 8 yrs 

Bichon, male, 9 yrs

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Spilling the Beans

Many people are shocked when they see photos of tiny puppies we rescue. “Adorable, cute, when can I adopt” are often seen commented all over their photos and posts. Little do many fans know that the smaller they are when we rescue them, the bigger the obstacles those dogs face.

Bean is a Beabull puppy was rescued by the Puppy Mill Rescue Team, and was taken on as a foster with us. As many words we can use to describe how cute Bean is, there are just as many to describe the challenges she faces. Upon coming into the rescue, she had an upper respiratory infection and leg deformities. She immediately was treated for her infection.

Our veterinarian diagnosed her mobility issues as Swimmers Syndrome- flat-pup syndrome, twisted legs, or turtle pup, is an uncommon developmental deformity of newborn dogs and cats whereby the limbs, primarily the hind limbs, are splayed laterally resulting in an inability to stand or walk. Fortunately with exercises provided by her foster mom Wendy she is improving and is even walking great!

As she was working through Swimmers Syndrome, x-rays it showed that she has a trachea that is much too small- hypolastic trachea . It is compared to being like breathing out of a straw instead of a tube. Beans is on medication that will hopefully loosen the smooth muscles in the trachea to help enlarge it. Within a few days we should see if the medication is effective. As she continues to grow, if her trachea does not also grow by expanding she may not be able to live a quality life. 

With the trachea being too small, it was also discovered that she has brachycephalic syndrome, elongated soft palate and stenotic nares. All of these issues are a result of genetic deformities- passed on by poor breeding practices of puppy mill owners.

We know this post is hard to read. Everyday her foster fights with her and for her and the Puppy Mill Team is behind her supporting her.

Quality of life is always on the back of our mind in cases like this. Right now, Bean is happy, she now knows love, compassion and what it is like to live in a home. Her foster will continue this fight with her and make the best decisions for her.

If you would like to help Bean with her medical care, please donate to the Puppy Mill Rescue Team’s PayPal account (this can be found on the sidebar). We are able to give her all the love support in the world, but without great donors, we would not be able to help dogs like Bean.

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How Do Puppy Mill Survivors Feel About Fourth Of July Fireworks?

Fireworks and storms scare a lot of dogs… but what about puppy mill survivors? Many dogs who were rescued from the mills seem to be use to loud noises, and could care less about fireworks! We asked our experts, the fosters from our teams to chime in!

Kazoo has slept through fireworks, tornados and everything in-between. Noises do not bother him one bit!


Ours have no issues with them.


All the mill dogs ive fostered had no issues with gun cause i live near a gun club so or fireworks. i actually take pups or new dogs outside during gun club night, or thunderstorms or fireworks and play and do fun stuff outside. never ended up with a gunshy dog, even my minpin/chi though not a huge fan, handles it all well and doesnt shake, hide or run away. so ive been very fortunate so far.


Some of our mill dogs do …some do not …Our Sweet mill rescue Leah does …but she’s still feeling patriotic today!! Had to share Shelby! She’s ready for the 4th!


Julep Jean is not afraid of fireworks . I’ve never had a mill dog be afraid of them . We have them go off quite often in the summer near my house .

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Why we help Southern Dogs….

If you live in a Northern State it’s hard to imagine the plight of Southern dogs. Thousands of abandoned strays, most unaltered, many suffering from mal-nourishment, parasites, infections, fear, loneliness and sometimes abuse.

The reasons behind this are many but some of the answers lie in low rates of spay/neuter, the absence of leash laws, minimal animal protection laws, and lack of enforcement. In some communities there is also a mind-set of “it’s just a dog”. While many of us treasure our pets, giving them equal status as family members as our human companions, in places where dogs run wild they do not hold high value.

So what do Northern rescues do? We help. The Puppy Mill Rescue Team has a large foster base in New York, and we also have a surplus of families waiting to adopt.

A few weeks ago we were sent a plea from one of our rescue friends in Arkansas, Nova Star Rescue. They had taken in a litter of 6 puppies- not the whole litter, not all of them lived. Some were placed in a plastic bag and burned. Yes, your read that right. Fortunately for the 6, a good samaritan stepped in and was able to get them to safety. Nova Star asked if we could take them in NY and find them good homes….of course we said, “Yes”!

Today those 6 survivors arrived in NY. Bliss, Shay, Bernie, Quinn, Mimi, and Grace, welcome to the Puppy Mill Rescue Team, we are looking forward to loving you up and showing you the good life! Thank you Nova Star for being a champion for dogs, for making a difference in your community and trusting us with these beautiful babies!

This crew will be accepting applications in the Rochester area after they are fully vetted. Please keep an eye on our website for their adoption listings.

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Sneak peek of some of the 6/28 rescue mission dogs


Newfoundland, female, 3 yrs old, black –      

Newfoundland, female, 4 yrs old, black –      


Havanese, female, 4 yrs old 

English Bulldog, female, 4yrs old, “Chloe”

Labradoodle, female, DOB: 11/20/18

7/8ths English Bulldog, female, 4 yrs old,”Buttercup”

English Bulldog, female, no age

Husky, male, 7 months old

Schnauzer, female, 7 yrs old


Cocker Spaniel, male, 2 yrs old, grade 4 heartmurmur  

NCCR: Marcia Okerland

English Bulldog, female, 4 yrs old,”Zoey”

Labradoodle, female, DOB: 9/13/18

Pomeranian,male, 11 wks

Chloe, Boxer, female, 6-7 yrs old


English Bulldog, female, 5 yrsold

Toy Poodle, male, 8 yrs old

English Bulldog, female, 4 yrs old


Labradoodle, female, DOB: 9/20/18


Schipperke, male, 5 yrs old


Frenchie, female, 1 yr old, skin issues


Husky, female, 4 yrs old

Beabull, female, 9 weeks old, deformed frontlegs


Labradoodle, female, DOB: 9/20/18


Mini AustralianShepherd, female, 7 months old, blue Merle


Kahn, male, 2 yrs old, Boxer-mix,

Bernadoodle (Bernese Mt Dog-Poodle), female, 9yrs old –     

NEW2U RESCUE:  DebbieKeber 585-851-5969

Pomsky, female, 3 yrs old,


Old English Sheepdog, female, 3 yrs old, earissues  


Shih Tzu, male, 3 yrs old –  


Bichon, female,6 yrs old

Schnauzer, female, 8 yrs old


Bichon, female, 1 yr old 

Schnauzer, female, 7 yrs old

Husky, female, 4 yrs old  Beabull, female, 5 yrs old, 25-ish pounds –      

Beagle, male, 3 yrs old –     

Beagle, male, 1 & 1/2 yrs old –     

Beagle, male, 5 yrs old –     

Beagle, male, 2 yrs old –      

Beagle, female, 4 yrs old –       

Akita, female, 2 yrs old, friendly, mostlybrown with white & black –     

Mini Poodle, male, 8 yrs old, cream –     


Husky, female, 4 yrs old, black & white, 1blue eye   

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The Puppy Mill Rescue Team has an urgent need for more rescue partners

We are seeing a growing number of puppy mill dogs being surrendered. We have already saved more dogs in 2019 then we did in all of 2018.

It is a beautiful thing to see so many dogs escape the horrible life they had living in the mills. As excited as we are to see so many dogs getting freedom, we also have the constant worry on our minds that the day may come that we do not have enough rescue partners to help us save them all.

We are in need of more rescues to join our team. We have an urgent need for all-breed, Beagle and Husky rescues.

Currently, we have a transport team that goes from Northeast OH, to Northwestern PA, to Western NY and then lastly Central NY. Rescues who are outside the transport area may join, but will need to arrange their own transportation from their location to central Ohio.

To learn more about joining our team please email us at and check out our rescue page to see the basic requirements to become a partner of the Puppy Mill Rescue Team.

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Cherished Cockers Rescue helps an American Eskimo have a happy furever

Cherished Cockers Rescue helped us rescue an American Eskimo on 3/15/2019.

The sweet little girl was very shut down, absolutely terrified of people and would shrink away from anyone reaching towards her for petting or anything. Her foster Christine knew that rehabilitation may be a long road. She never gave up on her though, and did everything possible to help her adjust.

We are happy to report she is doing much better and got adopted to the perfect family! They have puppy mill dog experience, as well as American Eskimo experience. They have named their new best friend Mimi. Their daughter pictured below is in her twenties and is in college to become a veterinarian herself.

Have a great life Mimi!