A Special Transportation Donation – Honoring Dog Lover Deb Riggeal

Transport days are always hard. The hustle of getting dogs arranged to the right rescue, the surprises that always happen and the thing that is always on the back of our mind, money.

For our August 2nd transport, we have been honored by a donation from a dear friend of Deb Riggeal. The donation is in memory of her friend, and it will cover the transport costs for the main transport van.  

In memory of Deb Riggeal; August 7, 1954 – April 15, 2019

Deb Riggeal was a huge animal lover and all her pets were rescues.  She always had a soft spot for the ones that were hard to adopt.  She because a huge advocate for pit bulls and was quick to tell anyone what great dogs they could be.  People were often amused to see her driving her Volvo SUV with 2 pit bulls hanging out of the windows.  We will always love and remember her for her willingness to help anyone or anything that needed it.


Deb with her two rescue pit bulls; Caine and Daisy. 

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