About Transports

Dog Transports, affectionately referred to as the Freedom Ride! The Puppy Mill Rescue Team works with veterinarians and other community contacts to secure dogs safely from mill operators. Most of our puppy mill dogs come from Ohio, however we also accept surrenders from breeders in New York

 We work as a team to coordinate transportation to get the pup to their new foster home as soon as possible. Transports vary from one tiny newborn to 30 + dogs. We have our own transport vehicle that goes between NY and Ohio several times a month.  We also have several volunteer drivers that use their own vehicles when needed.

 Transport “runs” can take just a few hours to multiple days depending on where the dog is located and where they are going. Typically, this is the first time a dog is in a car, so the ride can be scary, it can be stinky, but we promise it is very rewarding knowing this ride is their very first taste of freedom- all good things ahead!