Why we help Southern Dogs….

If you live in a Northern State it’s hard to imagine the plight of Southern dogs. Thousands of abandoned strays, most unaltered, many suffering from mal-nourishment, parasites, infections, fear, loneliness and sometimes abuse.

The reasons behind this are many but some of the answers lie in low rates of spay/neuter, the absence of leash laws, minimal animal protection laws, and lack of enforcement. In some communities there is also a mind-set of “it’s just a dog”. While many of us treasure our pets, giving them equal status as family members as our human companions, in places where dogs run wild they do not hold high value.

So what do Northern rescues do? We help. The Puppy Mill Rescue Team has a large foster base in New York, and we also have a surplus of families waiting to adopt.

A few weeks ago we were sent a plea from one of our rescue friends in Arkansas, Nova Star Rescue. They had taken in a litter of 6 puppies- not the whole litter, not all of them lived. Some were placed in a plastic bag and burned. Yes, your read that right. Fortunately for the 6, a good samaritan stepped in and was able to get them to safety. Nova Star asked if we could take them in NY and find them good homes….of course we said, “Yes”!

Today those 6 survivors arrived in NY. Bliss, Shay, Bernie, Quinn, Mimi, and Grace, welcome to the Puppy Mill Rescue Team, we are looking forward to loving you up and showing you the good life! Thank you Nova Star for being a champion for dogs, for making a difference in your community and trusting us with these beautiful babies!

This crew will be accepting applications in the Rochester area after they are fully vetted. Please keep an eye on our website for their adoption listings.


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