Lisa Marcera Miracle Fund

As a rescue, we simply could not exist without donor support. Recently one of our most supportive donors passed away. If we asked for help, she always found a way. We wanted to honor Lisa’s memory with the creation of the Lisa Marcera Miracle Fund. We have earmarked $1000.00 for 2022 to be awarded in (4) $250.00 grants to be granted to other rescues working alongside us in puppy mill rescue. Lisa Marcera was a giver. She inspired us with her devotion to helping animals and unwavering support. Our goal is to make this an annual fund to honor the legacy of Lisa.

Spike is our first grant recipient – rescued by Proud Pups Rescue Inc.

Proud Pups is fairly new to our team, a smaller rescue that has made a big impact on helping mill dogs with special needs. Spike was born with a cleft palate. His is large, and not closing so surgery is recommended for him.

He will be having that surgery in April of 2022.

Abby is our second grant recipient – rescued by Tiny Paws Big Hearts rescue on 5/26.

The little girl, now named was suffering from a grade 6 heart murmur. Diagnostics showed she had a PDA- Patent Ductus Arteriosus. Abby traveled to Cornell with the director of TPBH, Barbara Kosztowniak for further testing and they decided to perform surgery immediately.

On June 10th Abby had her life-saving surgery.

Sophie is our third grant recipient – Rescued by The Rescue Inn (TRI) in collaboration with PMRT.

Sophie was dumped by a breeder at a vet’s office when she tested positive for coccidia, thus making her ineligible to be flown via an airplane to Florida for sale. Sophie quickly ended up in TRI’s hands, and fortunately just in time! Sophie fell ill not more than 24 hours after arrival and ended up hospitalized for 6 days. She was lethargic, dehydrated and her dextrose dipped way too low. Small breed puppies are delicate, and at only 1.5 pounds emergency care was critical.

Sophie is a trooper, and now is starting to feel better and act like a 9 week old puppy.