The Puppy Mill Rescue Team consists mainly of rescues in Maine, Vermont, New York, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Kentucky, and Ohio. The team does have a few multi-state and national rescues as well who participate.

If you follow us on social media you will see many of the dogs that have been rescued through the team. When we post a dog, we also post the rescue that the dog is with. If you are interested in adopting a particular dog please reach out to the rescue mentioned and follow their application process.

Current Rescues with the Team

Adoption First Animal RescueNC &
Bella Run
Cherished Cockers
CLE Dog Rescue
Companion Pets of
FairyTails Pet
Free To Be Me RescueNY
Hamburg Mutts for FreedomNY
One at a time k9 rescueOH
Passion for
Peace Love Dawgs
Proud Pups
Second Chance Boxer
Seventh Heaven
Sophia’s Grace FoundationPA, OH, WV. VA, NJ, MD, DE, DC, NC, SC, GA, NY, MA & CT
StoryTellers Express
SusieQ Dog
The Rescue
Tiny Paws Big Hearts RescueNY 

Information About Joining The Team

For a rescue to be considered for joining the Puppy Mill Rescue Team, there are some basic requirements. If you are a rescue that is interested in joining the team, please click here for our partner application.

The basic requirements for team consideration are listed below.

1) We have both all-breed rescues and breed-specific rescue on the team. To be considered for joining the team, the rescue must be non-profit, incorporated in their state as such, and have a 501c3 status, or a pending 501c3.

2) The rescue must be foster-based. The mill dogs must be kept in foster homes, not in a shelter. A couple of the rescues already on the team have shelters as well as foster homes. They know that the mill dogs are not allowed to stay in their shelter for more than a couple days, that they must be kept in a foster home. They need much more one-on-one attention than they can receive in a shelter environment. This does not apply to doggy daycares, however. If a rescue has the ability to have a foster attend a doggy daycare while the foster parent is working, that would definitely be acceptable, so long as the dog is mentally and socially able to handle and enjoy doggy daycare.

3) The rescue must have a screening policy in place for screening not only potential adopters, but foster homes as well. We will discuss that privately with any potential rescue.

4) The rescue must have a policy about returned dogs. Their adoption contract must state that if at any time in the future the adopter is no longer able to keep the dog that they adopted, that they must return the dog to the rescue, and under no circumstances are they to surrender the dog to any shelter.

5) The rescue must understand that we do not purchase these dogs, they are surrendered by the mill owners to the team through veterinary clinics that are team members in the heart of mill country in OH. The only expenses to the rescues are the vetting expenses for each dog. Each rescue is responsible for the vetting fees for the dogs that they take, and must not let their bills become overdue. Like any vet clinic, payment is requested at time of service.

6) For a rescue to join the Puppy Mill Rescue Team, they must be in an area that we either already have transport available, or that we can accomplish it. If we have no means of getting the dog to a rescue, then we cannot add them. At this time, the states are zones we have established transport are limited to certain areas of Ohio, PA, and NY. We are working on expanding our reach, so that we may accept more rescues into the team. We are always looking for more ethical, responsible, reputable rescues to join!

7) Lastly, any potential rescue that qualifies must speak to one of the board members on the phone to learn the specifics of exactly how the team works. If after hearing how the team works to save these dogs, the rescue is qualified and approved, they are required to set up an account with our team’s vet clinics, and we have a form that they will need to sign that stays with the board. Once that is done, they are added to the team and are able to begin stepping up for puppy mill dogs in need!