How we save puppy mill dogs


The dogs rescued by the Puppy Mill Rescue Team primarily come from Ohio.  TheHumane Society of the United States says Ohio has the second-most puppy mills in the country.  There are nearly 300 known, large –scale breeders in Ohio. That means there are tens of thousands of dogs forced to live in inhumane conditions for the purpose of mass production of puppies.

But what happens to the extra inventory? Often they die. They are killed off, culled.

This is why we are The Puppy Mill Rescue Team. Our humble beginnings started with a single veterinarian advocating for discarded mill dogs. Dogs that formerly would have been disposed of via euthanasia or given to a shelter, instead were surrendered to the veterinary clinic, who would provide medical care and then surrender them to reputable rescues.

All of our dogs are surrendered- WE DO NOT PAY puppy mill owners for dogs.

51503769_2333007666986092_1387529626384859136_nWhat started out as one veterinarian and one clinic has turned into several. The rescues on our team are responsible for paying the clinic for the medical services provided. Often these services cost several hundred dollars or more due to the lifetime of neglect these dogs have endured: dental disease, tumors, infections, orthopedic issues are all common place.

Our goal is to be a champion for puppy mill survivors- to lead them to a life worth living. One dog at a time until there are no more that need to be saved.