How Do Puppy Mill Survivors Feel About Fourth Of July Fireworks?

Fireworks and storms scare a lot of dogs… but what about puppy mill survivors? Many dogs who were rescued from the mills seem to be use to loud noises, and could care less about fireworks! We asked our experts, the fosters from our teams to chime in!

Kazoo has slept through fireworks, tornados and everything in-between. Noises do not bother him one bit!


Ours have no issues with them.


All the mill dogs ive fostered had no issues with gun cause i live near a gun club so or fireworks. i actually take pups or new dogs outside during gun club night, or thunderstorms or fireworks and play and do fun stuff outside. never ended up with a gunshy dog, even my minpin/chi though not a huge fan, handles it all well and doesnt shake, hide or run away. so ive been very fortunate so far.


Some of our mill dogs do …some do not …Our Sweet mill rescue Leah does …but she’s still feeling patriotic today!! Had to share Shelby! She’s ready for the 4th!


Julep Jean is not afraid of fireworks . I’ve never had a mill dog be afraid of them . We have them go off quite often in the summer near my house .


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