Children make a difference with puppy mill survivors.

Children of all ages can make a huge difference in a puppy mill dog’s life. Many of our rescue partners have children within their family, and are proud of how they take on the challenge of helping these dogs recover. We asked them to show us how the children they know are making a difference.

 My “little sister” from Big Brothers Big Sisters, Aliyah. She cleans up poop, vomit you name it with no question. Loves to go to transports, give baths, go on walks and attend adoption events. She is truly a blessing.

Emily C

Logan ( or Jr. Vol. as he is known through Buffalo Pug) he is the dog wisperer. He helps us with all Adoption events in Rochester and even Buffalo when we attended. He helps at home with all the foster dogs. He is an amazing little man with a big heart. Fun fact as a smaller kid he was deathly afraid of all dogs till he came home one day and there was a dog in his house.

Shannon G
The dog in this photo is Rylee, “our blind foster who came for a visit last week and Logan took him to his 5th grade dance.”

Alexa is my daughter and also is phenomenal with all my fosters. She is a “dog whisperer”. She was the first person that our foster mill dog Margot would allow to pick her up and even pet her. Alexa just has a special way of earning the love and trust of these terrified dogs. She helps feed, walk, and clean up after them. She also is very involved in all of Mountain Rottie Rescue’s fundraisers and adoption events.

Danielle M

Where do I even begin with this child?! It’s really really hard to choose one photo as there are so many! This kid is amazing in so many way (and it’s not just because he’s mine😉). Caden has had a kind heart and passion for helping animals since he was able. Being the child of a mother who founded an animal rescue when he was four years old, he has experienced it all.. the good, the bad and the ugly. From rescuing dogs at risk of euthanasia, to fostering dogs deemed aggressive to pouring his heart and sole into hospice cases, this kid has taken on the “future rescuer” title likes champ. Caden has learned how to work with dogs that we would never place into a home with children (not because of the dog but because of the lack of respect of the child), he volunteers at events, parades and fosters dogs of his own. This is a photo of Caden with Frazier. Frazier was rescued from an Amish Ohio Puppy Mill at 9 years old. Upon intake, Frazier had dental disease and a severely infected tooth. He was also loaded with fleas and was then diagnosed with bladder cancer. Caden has been through these situations so often that he doesn’t bat an eye and does what he can to provide love for these babies until their time comes.

Christie L

My Granddaughter Abby with Mill rescue Tootsie …she comes by it naturally! ❤ She’s great with helping to socialize the dogs with kids!

Donna S

When your teenager loves the pups but blow outs on mill dogs still smell after the first bath

Kelly G

Lucas is 8 years old. He has seen so many dogs come through our house but mill dogs are his favorite. He loves to watch them come alive and learn to be dogs. He has a heart of gold and the most patience I’ve ever seen in a kid especially with a Mom that is always busy doing rescue work.

Amber H

Ahh.. where to boys 5 and 13 have been helping me since birth..they are professional kid testers,walkers,snugglers,cleaner,crate and rotaters,friends..they are with my for meets,home visits,all the happy and sad times. They are not shielded from any of it..its our passion as a family that make it work. 
Our foster girls have jumped on to this also 8 and 11 and are so connected since” we foster and help animals just like them”

Janis H

We got custody of our nieces 2.4 years ago. When Daykota and Shelbi came to us they had nothing but the clothes on their backs. Having had been in the type of home that I typically rescue animals from, they instantly bonded with all my rescue dogs and, soon started accompanying me on rescues, transports, vet appointments, visits to shelters and delivering dogs to their forever homes. We always try to take a funny selfie when we rescue a dog. They are of great comfort to the new dogs that come in to our home and comfort when we pick up rescues from the mills, homes or shelters. They have learned a lot about rescue these past 2 years and, help with feedings, washing blankets, walking dogs, grooming and socializing. The dogs seem to connect instantly with them and I don’t know if it’s because the girls understand what it feels like to be neglected, abused and abandoned or, if it’s because they are kids but, I have to believe it’s the latter. I know I have now taught two more humans to be compassionate and good stewards for the animals. Rescuing with the girls has changed me as well. Most of the people in my family don’t understand why I rescue but with these two, I’m not only their aunt but their hero. Sometimes we need to here that to keep doing what we do. I’m very proud of the love they show all the animals I rescue…even the ones that have pooped, peed and puked on them and, the ones who smell bad enough for us to roll the windows down all the way in the winter. They are good sports and good girls.

Kelly M

This is Rylee she is 6 and loves every foster I bring home. She is always playing with them and letting them sleep in her bed.

Ashley P

Hannah ,12 years old and she has been in involved in rescue since she was 5 years old. She has fostered many dogs for StoryTeller’s Express inc including Amish mill dogs. Here she is with Taycan, an Amish puppy mill surrendered in the beginning of 2019. Taycan was transported from OH to VA and both were just in love. Hannah has also assisted in puppy birth (including Gingers babies, Amish mill dog surrender) and is the most amazing foster sister, always willing to help and saving an another dog.

Tatjana V.

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