Deacon’s Hope Rescue joins the Puppy Mill Rescue Team

dhweblogo2The Puppy Mill Rescue Team would like to give a warm welcome to Deacon’s Hope Rescue. Deacon’s Hope Rescue is a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit organization which is run completely by volunteers in Toledo, Ohio.  They specialize in German Shepherds, but welcome any breed into their rescue.

Deacon’s Hope Rescue is not new the the world of puppy mills. Donna S., President of Deacon’s told us why they wanted to join the team.

We believe there is an overwhelming need for rescue help and want to be a part of the solution for these dogs. We have rescued a few mill dogs in the past. Mostly recently after we became aware of the need.

Mill dogs are often subjected to less than stellar conditions and treatment and we want to show them what it’s like to be a loved part of the family!

Learn more about Deacon’s Hope Rescue and how to volunteer on their website

Check out Deacon’s Hope Rescue’s social media including their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Visit their PetFinder webpage at

To make a donation to help them save puppy mill dogs you can donate at

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