276 puppy mill dogs saved in the first 3 months of 2019

In January, February and March, the Puppy Mill Rescue Team and 35 different rescues saved 276 dogs.

The breeds that were rescued the most were Yorkies, Shih Tzus, French Bulldogs, Newfoundlands and English Bulldogs. We also saw many “designer breeds” or mutts in the mix as well!

The ages ran from under 8 weeks to over 9 years old.  We saw puppies with heart murmurs, dogs with hernias, blindness and some needing amputations. Many dogs just needed spay/neuter and shots, along with a home to help them mentally adjust into living life as a pet!

The following organizations help make the rescues happen.

Akron Canine Rescued Angels, Bella Run, Bernard’s Beagle, Blue Moon Meadows, Buffalo CARES, Buffalo Pug and Small Breed, Cherished Cockers, Chow Chow Rescue of CNY, Free to Be Me Rescue, Golden Treasures, K9 Orphans, Lake Erie Lab Rescue, Live Love Rescue, Magic’s Mission, Mastiffs to Mutts, Mia Foundation, Mountain Rottie Rescue, Northern Chatauqua Canine Rescue, New2U Rescue, Ohio Fuzzy Pawz Rescue, One at a Time K9 Rescue, Passion for Pets, Purebred Rescue of Ohio, Rebel Riders, The Rescue Inn, Rescued Treasures, SCWT Club of America Rescue, Speak for the Unspoken, StoryTeller’s Express, SusieQ, Tanner’s Paws, ThirdTyme Rescue, Tiny Paws Big Hearts, Weimaraner Rescue Of NY and Woof Gang Rescue.

Thank you to all the rescues who help make our mission possible.


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