A whole family of Newfoundlands rescued!

On March 27th, we got a urgent message to rescue many dogs, including 3 adult Newfoundlands (two moms and a dad) and 6 Newfoundland puppies (all 8 weeks old, all with heart murmurs between grades 2 & 4). 

All the Newfoundlands have made it to their foster homes safety!

The two moms now have names, Natalia and Jean. Dad’s name is Kluber. They are all being fostered with Mastiffs To Mutts. They have sweet personalities and are slowing getting use to being a loved pet.

All the puppies are being fostered and cared for with The Mia FoundationThey will be getting them the vetting they need, which could be substantial since all of the puppies have heart murmurs. Sue from the Mia Foundation told us that they are all fat and happy and will see the vet on Tuesday.

The puppies are named Abigail, Midnight Veronica, Bear, Sable & Moose.



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  1. I am interested in finding out what is needed to adopt one of these adorable Newfies. My wife and I are friends with Jamie Runevitch from liveloverescue. She can provide a reference if needed.

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