Rescue Spotlight: Purebred Rescue Organization of Ohio

Purebred-Rescue-BW_TRANSPARENT.pngPurebred Rescue Organization of Ohio (PRO) is one of the newest members of our team. They joined in November 2018 and have already helped us rescue over 25 dogs. They are no strangers to mill rescues, since they have been helping over the years with other seizures.

We spoke with Joyce, a board member of PRO and found out more about where her passion for helping mill dogs comes from and why they wanted to be part of the team.

Joyce and Logan, a former mill mom.I’m so very happy we’ve found this group and I love how everyone works together. We joined because my heart has always been drawn to helping puppy mill dogs. I’ve been on a few large-scale mill releases, one in WV, that 1000 dogs was saved. I spent a week there helping with the dogs and brought back several for our rescue. I want these dogs to know love and happiness after the lives they’ve lived. To know a soft bed and to be clean and to play with their first toy.

Purebred Rescue Organization of Ohio has many volunteers who makes them an irreplaceable member of our team. Keegan C. and Jenn M. do most of the transports for the mill runs. They also have countless foster homes who welcome these sweet, scared dogs.

The team has also helped us educate the public about puppy mills. PRO and the Puppy Mill Rescue Team worked with The Columbus Dispatch to produce the story Commercial breeders dump dogs amid Ohio’s new ‘puppy mill’ rules.

PRO operates in Bellbrook, Ohio and surrounding areas. They are 100% volunteer organization and are a federal non-profit organization charitable organization 501(c)(3).

To volunteer, visit, click on the “ways to help” tab and the volunteer app is in the upper right corner. Donations can be made on the website. You will find the link under the “contact us” tab.

Follow them on Facebook at PRO of Ohio.

Thank you Purebred Rescue Organization of Ohio, and we are so happy you are on our team!

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