Do you have room for 8 puppies and 4 adult dogs within the next few hours?!?

Imagine sitting, having your morning coffee and getting a series of text messages that say something along the lines of…

we have 3 adult Newfoundlands, 6 Newfoundland puppies (all 8 weeks old, all with heart murmurs between grades 2 & 4),  1 Golden Retriever puppy (8 weeks old, with a heart murmur), a Rottweiler puppy and an Aussie-Beagle we need you to rescue…. by this afternoon…

Scary message? We agree, but messages like this board member Deb B. gets way too often. She has to quickly respond and figure out how the Puppy Mill Rescue Team can save them all in just hours.
We are beyond thankful for the team of rescues we have, and the willingness of them to take on challenges. Today, all these dogs were saved.
The Mia Foundation took not one, or two, but all of the heart murmur puppies.
Mastiff’s To Mutts Rescue will be taking all three large, adult Newfoundlands.
Buffalo CARES will be taking the Rottweiler puppy.
Speak For The Unspoken will be taking the Aussie-Beagle.
Support rescues who help make our team possible by donating, volunteering or even just simply liking their social media pages.

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