Seventh Heaven Rescue joins the Puppy Mill Rescue Team

Shirt-Logo-e1548290118506The Puppy Mill Rescue Team would like to welcome Seventh Heaven Rescue to the team. Seventh Heaven Rescued started out to honor rescue dog Seven’s memory in the hope that they could help other dogs just like him find loving families. Their main mission is to keep dogs out of shelters and are now joining the fight against puppy mills.

Seventh Heaven Rescue has done wonderful work, but now are taking on a new task, helping puppy mill dogs. The team was curious about mill dogs, but had not saved any before. Jana, who is the President and Co-founder was surprised to see a message from Puppy Mill Team board member Deb asking if she was interested in learning more about the team. It was like an act of fate!

It was odd that I got an email from Deb. I had been interested in helping mill dogs for awhile , but was not aware of your program and didn’t no how to get involved. I find the mill dogs to be heartbreaking and would like to help them get the homes they deserve.

Jana and the rest of the volunteers at Seventh Heaven Rescue are excited to help, and we are excited to help them in the journey of saving puppy mill dogs.

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Seven was left at a NYC Shelter in Manhattan at the age of 8 by the only family he had known since he was a tiny puppy. He had a broken back leg and was in pain. He was listed to be euthanized. He was pulled from the Shelter and diagnosed with osteosarcoma which is an aggressive bone cancer.


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