Rescuing runs in the Prue family’s blood!

The Prue family are no strangers to helping animals. Lisa and her husband have a hobby farm, where they welcome animals in need. Their daughter has adopted a dog from Storyteller’s Express. Lisa decided to start following Storyteller’s Express on Facebook after her daughter’s dog adoption and learned about rescuing puppy mill dogs.

The family has always wanted an English Bulldog, so they decided to fill out an application for one who had just been rescued with Storyteller’s Express. They were disappointed to learn she had been adopted, but patiently waited until another EBD was in need.

The Prue finally got their dream dog when foster and volunteer Carolyn P. rescued a five-year-old Bulldog with Storyteller’s Express and the Puppy Mill Rescue Team on 8/17/18.  They named her Cornelia and fell head over heels in love with her. She was so great with their young grandchildren and she didn’t have a mean bone in her body.

After a month of having Cornelia, they knew they wanted another English Bulldog. On 9/18/18, Storyteller’s Express rescued another five-year-old puppy mill English Bulldog and the Prue family adopted her! They named her Tammy.

Cornelia and Tammy spend their days now wrestling around, snoozing with their blankets and watching their mom do hair at her home salon.

We asked Lisa what the best thing about them was, and she told us about their love for kids!

The best thing about Tammy and Corniela is there LOVE for children, both of them light up and instantly go up to a child. It’s amazing what they both experienced and the one thing in common is the desire to be near a little person. They both don’t have a mean bone in their bodies. They don’t really care about toys, but they Love no-sew blankets. That is there security (safe place)I have one in next to my bed and one in the living room all the time.(I wash them every day and they really enjoy the clean new ones in the morning).Its’ funny if you pick up there blanket to put it in the washer they get so excited and kinda dance around and do circles around u till I put news ones down on the floor. The best thing I did was get 2they are so close with each other, actually at night they drive me crazy. Tammy is the mother hen, she cleans Cornelia. have to ask her to go to sleep and leave Corn alone. LoL (There blanket is right beside me at night)I think it’s a comfort for them to be near us at night. Its so obvious to us that Tammy lived outside, she enjoys it outside and is so comfortable out there. Corniela was definitely in side, she is nervous outside but tolerates it.

We are excited to get updates on Tammy and Corniela as they grow, along with all the other Prue family rescue animals!

Tammy and Corniela on St.Patrick’s Day!


Tammy and Corniela’s rescue day photos.

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