Reflecting on a special mom on National Puppy Day

Today many people will be celebrating National Puppy Day with their puppies and adult dogs alike. Taking fun photos, giving extra treats and showing them unconditional love.

It is days like this that we really reflect on where many of those puppies come from. The thought of how many dogs are living prisoners, producing litter after litter of puppies to be sold off without a second thought.

Hepzibah was one of those prisoners. She never got a rescue day photo, a fun ride to the burger joint down the street to get a treat via the drive through, or even a moment of love. We lost Hepizbah before she got her freedom.

Hepzibah was suppose to come to the Puppy Mill Rescue Team in February. Akron Canine Rescued Angels and her foster Bev were waiting for her when we got the news we never want to hear. She made it to the vet, but when they opened her up to spay her and she was absolutely filled with cancerous tumors.

The tough decision was made to let her cross the rainbow bridge. It broke everyone’s hearts that she was so close to freedom, but never got the chance to experience. We asked Bev to give her a name, because she deserves a legacy for others to reflect on.

I wouldnt normally name a dog a 3 syllable name, but she deserves a majestic name. “Hepzibah”, it’s a hebrew name belonging to a queen. It means “my delight is in her”. She’s now free, happy and now God is delighting in her.

Please take a moment today to remember her and all the dogs stuck in mills who may never get to see freedom.




One thought on “Reflecting on a special mom on National Puppy Day

  1. thankyou for such a tender tribute to Hephzibah, one of thousands of dogs used and abused in Puppy Mills and while she never got love on this earth, she is now in heaven with Jesus…………………

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