More than just good luck is needed for Lenny!

In early February this year, the Puppy Mill Rescue Team got a call on many French Bulldogs that needed rescue. In total, the team was about to get 10 French Bulldogs to freedom. These nine went to rescues throughout the northeast, and many have gone to  or are getting ready to go forever homes. One of them named Lenny is not going home just yet.

Lenny is only 11 months old, but has been through so much in his little life already. He has survived being in a puppy mill, but he is still struggling to be healthy. He currently has issues with diarrhea, his rectum prolapsing and has ear mites. He has been on cernia, metronidazole probiotics, steroids and has been to three different vets. Lenny, like all dogs, does not deserve the pain the puppy mills has caused him.


On a positive note, mentally he is thriving in his foster through Chow Chow Rescue of Central New York. His foster mom Sunny says “he is soo sweet and happy…love watching him walk with my pack thru the woods and his zoomies when he returns”. He is doing well with potty training and enjoys taking pack walks with his foster family.

How can you help Lenny?


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