Over 1,200 puppy mill dogs saved in 2019 with the Puppy Mill Rescue Team

The Puppy Mill Rescue Team is proud to present our numbers from last year.

In total, we were able to save over 1,200 puppy mill dogs with the help of 56 rescues.

We had many other accomplishments in 2019 as well including:

  • Becoming a 501c3
  • Launching the Puppy Mill Rescue Team Rescue
  • Being part of the Buffalo Pride Parade
  • Interviews with multiple media sources including television, radio and newspaper
  • Purchasing a school bus for transportations

We would like to thank all of the volunteers, supporters and fans who have made this year incredible. We are excited to see what we can all do this year to help dogs in need and end puppy mills.

If you would like to show off your pride in the accomplishments we earned last year, visit our apparel and accessory store!

Visit the store here: www.puppymillrescueteam.threadless.com.

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