The Girl with the Ear Tattoo

53179985_389210851671487_7517579707429158912_nNumber 35. When we meet a mill dog, probably one of the most obvious signs that they have lived their life as a commodity, a piece of inventory is the tell-tale ear tattoo.

Number 35 lived her first 5 years producing puppies- more inventory. She paid the high price by living every hour of every day in a cage, with the barest of essentials: no soft bed, no loving human contact, no toys.

Number 35 now has a name- a beautiful name, and a beautiful life- Martha!

Martha was rescued by Rescued Treasures Pet Adoptions in June of 2018. She came out of the mill shut down, and shy, but that soon changed when the foster home she was in took in some foster kittens! Martha flourished when she was able to mother them. She was happy watching over them, cleaning them, keeping them warm.

Martha was adopted in August of 2018. She not only has a loving family but a loving extended family. Martha attends day care at Dog E. Woggy’s K-9 Playtime in Rochester, NY.  Martha spends part of her day as the office assistant, official greeter, and simply being one of the cutest things to walk in the door! You can follow Martha on Instagram at Martha.thepom

Martha is a living testament that she and others like her are more than a number. Five years as number 35 hopefully many, many more as Martha, beautiful, loved, Martha.

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