Puppy Mill Run 2-15 Sneak Peek!

We have 24 dogs going on their freedom rides to 16 different rescues tomorrow.

Receiving rescues, in alphabetical order: Buffalo CARES,Buffalo Pug, Cherished Cockers, Free to Be Me, Golden Treasures, Live Love Rescue, Mia Foundation, Mountain Rottie Rescue, New2U, Passion for Pets, Purebred Rescue, Rebel Riders, Rescue Inn, Rescued Treasures, Speak for the Unspoken & Tanner’s PAWS.

And now what you really want, dog pictures! These are their intake photos. Watch our Facebook page to see freedom rides and them in foster homes. Please check caption or the note card in the photo if interested in which rescue the dog will be headed to.

Interested in donating to help more dogs reach freedom? Sponsor a dog’s trip to freedom!

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