Rosie Celebrates her 1 year gotcha day with her family.

Rosie was rescued with the Puppy Mill Rescue Team and Live Love Rescue February 9th, 2018. Being an adorable Havanese, the application swarmed in for her. The next task was to find a family who would understand that Rosie is different, she is a puppy mill survivor.

The application that caught the rescue’s eye was a family who was very curious about her and puppy mills. The family, Bill (dad), Alisa (mom), Christian (13 years old), Dana (11 years old), Elliot (9 years old), Buster (dog), Snowball (cat), Shadow (cat), Rocky (turtle) and their 12 fish learned all they could and decided that they wanted to give Rosie the life she deserved.

Alisa did have a few concerns with bringing Rosie home. But Rosie quickly showed her  how eager she was to please her new family.

My two biggest concerns were Buster’s reaction and knowing she wasn’t potty trained. I was afraid of the amount of time and attention it would take to train her. Turns out she’s super smart and learned extremely quickly by watching Buster. It hasn’t been perfect, but it’s been rewarding watching her learn and grow.

Rosie has continued to grow during the last year in her forever home. Her family posted a joyful one year update.

She’s gained 3 pounds, is now mostly potty trained, loves her treats, walks, tummy rubs, and her canine brother Buster. I never knew much about puppy mills, but I’m horrified after learning what the conditions are like for these poor animals. I’m glad to say we helped rescue Rosie from those horrors.

Screen Shot 2019-02-16 at 6.45.38 AMThe kids have been able to grow and learn with Rosie as well.

Elliot says rescuing mill dogs is good because “you’re saving a dog that’s cute so they don’t get killed.”

Dana told us the biggest change in Rosie is “she was scared at first but now she’s not. Now she asks for attention.”

Christian said his favorite thing is “she flops on her back to get a belly rub.”

We cannot forget to mention her best friend Buster. Buster is teaching her how to be a dog and they have bonded well together. When asked if he loves her, Buster said “woof woof ruff, woof arf.”

Thank you to the rescues and families who make happy endings like this happen!

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