Jane’s Journey

Late January, the Puppy Mill Rescue Team was notified about a three year old, female with rectal incontinence of unknown origin. We did not know what was causing it, or if it was something fixable.

Mountain Rottie Rescue of New York, Inc.  stepped up to take this special little girl. She got her freedom 2/7/19 and headed from Ohio to New York.


The Puppy Mill Rescue Team often posts the stories of overcoming challenges, beating the odds and dogs in forever homes. We are heartbroken to say that not all mill dogs stories end this way. The damage being done to the mill dogs is unthinkable.  The rescue volunteers have all the love to give to these dogs, but sometimes the little dogs bodies just can’t recover.

Jane was given much love by her foster home, but her sweet little body was beyond repair. Her We received this message today.

Sometimes in rescue we do not get the happy ending even when we try really hard.. this week we at MRR took an emergency special needs Boston Terrier with rectal incontinence from a puppy mill. Having no idea the cause but figuring we would find out and treat it or fix it… She came late Thursday night and had her vet visit Friday because she was so sick. Put on meds to cover possible parasites and infections including urine while we waited for results.. She was surprisingly friendly and happy for a mill dog, especially imagining the horrors she went through. By Sunday she had worsened and was no longer able to poop or pee much, barely eating.. Back to the vet and after more xrays and expelling more feces and urine as she was unable to do so, the vet felt it was nerve damage and had an extremely poor prognosis and to even get her to more tests she would have to go through a lot of discomfort and pain with continuous enemas and he felt there was already kidney damage he conferred with three other vets and they all recommended euthanasia. Even though no fracture or obvious trauma was seen on the xrays the probable nerve involvement indicates there was trauma.. enough to affect these vital organs but not enough to paralyze and be painless, we chose to humanely let her go. My heart is so broken and I cannot stop crying but I am still glad we tried and she knew love, however briefly, and was able to pass peacefully in my arms and not by a bullet behind a barn. I am so saddened and angry that these people can treat animals like this and get away with it and at the same time my heart swells in finding the love and sweetness and forgiveness these animals have for the human race.. this girl was only 3, we called her Jane and she makes me even more determined to end these puppy mills.

The Puppy Mill Rescue Team thanks Stacie R. for showing Jane love and compassion for the short time she had with her. We know she looked out for her best interests, and she did everything she could for her. Volunteers make all the difference in the world. We cannot express our thanks and condolences enough to Stacie and everyone at Mountain Rottie Rescue.


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