Lucy’s Happy Forever

Every puppy mill dog we see is at a different level emotionally. Some adjust to family lifealmost immediately, and others take months and years. It can sometimes be a challenge finding adopters who can understand and are willing to work with mill dogs.

Lucy was somewhere in the middle of the spectrum, she was friendly (if not a little stubborn), but she had anxiety in new places and was very afraid of a lot of men. She arrived in early November 2018 and, as expected, had an interested adopter right away.

She spent a short time with her foster family and then moved to her new home. However, she was not happy and wasn’t improving over time. There was another great family that seemed perfect, but again, it wasn’t right. And finally a third overnight trial, again not right. It was discouraging, we don’t like to see any dogs bounced around, especially not the mill dogs who are so shut down emotionally.

But then it all made sense. Lucy hadn’t been with her foster family long originally, but when she came back, something was VERY clear… Lucy had known where home was all along. She was instantly so happy to be back, there was a light in her eyes that hadn’t been there before. Lucy’s foster family officially adopted her New Years Eve 2018. She is now so happy and playful, something her rescue wasn’t sure was possible.

Watch Lucy’s forever home video and you will see she is right where she was always meant to be!

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