Over 40 dogs being rescued on 1/24/18

Everyone on the Puppy Mill Rescue team is gearing up for tomorrow’s puppy mill run. Over 40 dogs are going to 17 rescues. The rescues include: Akron Canine Rescued Angels, BlueMoon Meadows, Buffalo CARES, Buffalo Pug, Cherished Cockers, Free to Be Me, K-9 Orphans, Mastiffs to Mutts, Mountain Rottie Rescue, New2U, Purebred Rescue, Rebel Riders, Rescued Treasures, Speak for the Unspoken, StoryTeller’s Express, Tanner’s PAWS and Tiny Paws Big Hearts.

We were very lucky to get a sneak peek at some of the dogs and wanted to share with you! Don’t forget, it is also not to late to sponsor a freedom ride. 




3 thoughts on “Over 40 dogs being rescued on 1/24/18

  1. I want to become a foster…I have fostered in the past and quit for a while, BUT so many babys need loven…Where do I find an app. to fill out…

  2. Would be very interested in a female cavalier. Lost my tri color a year ago and have been waiting for a rescue instead of going though a breeder. Thanks for all you do.

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