Lotte Dah’s Rescue And Recovery Story

Lotte Dah was rescued 1/18/19 with help from the Puppy Mill Rescue Team and Tanner’s P.A.W.S.

By taking one look at Lotte, you can tell a lot of things were going on with her. By looking at these pictures, can you guess them all?

The wonderful volunteers at Tanner’s P.A.W.S. jumped into action as soon as they got Lotte into their care. From a medical stand point she had a lot going on. One thing that took everyone by surprise was Lotte’s attitude. Her tail wagged and she accepted the help that everyone was giving her.

To start with, Lotte had a decayed tooth. Most puppy mill dogs never see a vet, and often have to get multiple teeth pulled, along with a full dental work up. Issues range from loose and broken teeth, to gum infections and more.

Next, Lotte’s fur was a mess. She was covered in mats and her lady parts were crusted over. Dogs in puppy mills do not get groomed, flea treated or even washed. They come to the rescues absolutely filthy and swarming with fleas. Often times, rescues have to completely shave off all the fur from the dogs they take in from a mill.

The saddest part of Lotte’s rescue was seeing her engorged breasts. The vet stated that it appeared that puppies had not fed from them. She may have been torn away from her puppies, or they could have passed away, we will never know. Dogs like Lotte who are pulled from their litters are often at risk of mastitis, which is deadly. The volunteers are making her comfortable as her body readjusts to life without her litter.


Now for the happy part of Lotte Dah’s story. She is in a loving foster home! Her foster mom Susan says she follows her everywhere. Susan couldn’t be happier with her progress and said “she’s great with the dogs and the cat and will housebreak quickly. “

To learn more about Lotte Dah and even apply to adopt her visit!

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