Angel’s Rescue Story

50084423_238383023721555_752521275766734848_nAngel was rescued during the first Puppy Mill Rescue Team transport of 2019 by Rescued Treasures Pet Adoptions. The first few weeks, and even months are a huge adjustment for puppy mill dogs who are now pets instead of cattle. Angel’s foster home noticed that something was off more than usual when she brought Angel home.

Angel crossed over the rainbow bridge just a week after gaining her freedom. Angel was only six years old. Her story is sad, but one that needs to be told. He foster mom Jessica wrote us about the heartbreaking side of some puppy mill rescue dogs.

We brought Angel home from transport on Friday the 11th, she was scared like most Mill dogs are. She had a hard time during her spay so her foster, Sharon, knew she would need a little more. She set up her spare room made it all comfortable, and like most mill pups she laid next to the big comfy bed on the floor. It was clear that Angel was not feeling comfortable and there was more than just poor nutrition, the rescue set her to the emergency vet Saturday.50770282_360159541429469_2095679199879626752_n.jpg

There they noticed her was bloated but with an ultrasound found no fluid, did blood work up, and have her SQ fluids for dehydration. Blood work came back all over the place, she seemed to have no clear “yes this is what it is moment” just many small things not adding up. This was followed up with one of our regular vets, blood work came back not the same as just days ago. Followed by X-rays they didn’t really pin point anything either. In the days to follow we were able to get her in for an better ultrasound, slightly thinking we would see a mass somewhere, not the case. Everything looked to be okay, again no “yes this is what it is” moment. At this point all of this would take a toll on a well socialized dog, can you imagine what she’s thinking?! The admin group got together with the foster and decided one more try, a night of IV pain meds, IV fluids, and IV antibiotics.. this has to show some change. No. 

This morning we had to make the call to let her go. She went peacefully. While I wish I had gotten a chance to see her play with a toy once or lay in a big bed, she did sleep in a warm house and was told how pretty she was, even got to enjoy some bacon.

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