Sky- The little dog that could

Sky was rescued by the Puppy Mill Rescue Team because he was born blind. A miller cannot sell a blind dog. Nor can he sell a dog with an underbite, an illness, a deformity. A puppy mill owner cannot make money on an old dog; he has no use for a dog that does not produce well.

Before the rescue movement took hold- dogs like Sky would be culled- killed, disposed of for simply being less than. It is a sad, sad truth.

The Puppy Mill Rescue Team has given life to dogs like Sky- literally thousands of them since it’s creation.

Today Sky lives a life worth living. A life of light and love. His lack of vision has never held him back. His strong senses of smell, taste, movement, and sound allow him to navigate his world with skill and joy. The rescues on our team, such as Rescued Treasures who helped Sky,  work diligently to match puppy mill survivors with committed adopters, Sky is a testament to that. He doe not lag behind his canine siblings, rather he can be found leading the pack.

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