496 Puppy Mill Dogs Were Rescued In 2018!

The Puppy Mill Rescue Team worked with many rescues in 2018 to save 496 puppy mill dogs! The team helps dogs of all ages, conditions and of course breeds! Here is a short break down of the dogs from this year.

English Bull dogs led the way with 49 making it to freedom,
39 Bichon’s and Bichon-poos found rescue, followed by:
35 Labs and labradoodles
34 Yorkies and yorkie mixes
32 Cavi’s and cavi mixes
24 Aussies
20 Beabulls
17 Wheatens
13 each of Bostons, Husky’s and Shih tzu’s
12 Frenchies
12 Pom/mixes
11 each of GSD’s, Golden’s/ mixes, Maltese/mixes.
All other breeds represented 10 or less.

Each of these numbers represents a life saved, a life made better. These numbers represent thousands of miles of transport, hundreds of vet appointments, hundreds of foster homes, thousands of volunteer hours, and dozens of rescues working together for a great cause.

We thank all the rescues and volunteers for being a part of our team. We are also grateful for our sponsors who help us continue our mission as well.

One thought on “496 Puppy Mill Dogs Were Rescued In 2018!

  1. Thank you for all you do. I am glad The Rescue Inn has been able to be part of the team and help these furbabies. We look forward to doing even more in 2019.

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