A little bit of Sparkle

Sparkle is a 4-month-old female Miniature Poodle puppy who was dumped by her puppy mill owner because she was “unsellable”. She had a birth defect in her vulva, however, it was thought it would be totally fixable with surgery and she would be able to lead a completely normal life if she got that done.

The Puppy Mill Rescue Team stepped up for this beautiful puppy, and so after seeing a vet in OH for her basic vaccines, health exam and certificate, she went to foster just outside of Buffalo, NY. Her foster family named her Sparkle, because she is a beautiful silver and black colored girl, and because she has a great big personality that just shines! 

Her foster took her to Ellicott Small Animal Hospital in Buffalo for a pre-op exam, and they scheduled her for surgery the very next week to spay her and fix the birth defect in her vulva at the same time. They could not wait till she was 6 months old, because the extra flap of skin covering her vulva was causing her urine to trap and causing UTI.

Just before the day she was to have her surgery, she was out in the fenced yard with her foster family and their dogs. She was playing like any happy puppy would play, and enjoying the beautiful fall day. She decided to run right under one of the foster’s dogs that were much larger than her (she weighs just 7 lbs), and she got flipped over by that dog’s feet as he was also running at the time. In the process, she hurt one of her legs. She was still walking and running, and nothing was visibly wrong with it, but she was definitely limping.

The foster called the vet to alert them, so they were prepared to examine her leg the next day. Obviously, they were hopeful she just sustained a bad sprain, but to be safe they asked the vet to do an x-ray of her leg if they felt she needed it, so they did. Unfortunately, Sparkle did sustain a fracture, but thankfully it was just a slight one in the middle of her radius, not through any growth plate, and it was not displaced. The vet put a splint/cast on her. They sent her home with pain medication and antibiotics.

Sparkle has successfully gone through all vetting.

Through all of this since injuring her leg, and since the surgery and getting her leg cast, she has been on “crate rest”, and not allowed to play or exercise. She is only allowed quick trips outside to potty and then right back to rest. She is allowed some couch time to be held and cuddled but is not allowed to run and play, her favorite things to do.

Sparkle is not yet accepting applications for adoption, as she has several weeks of healing yet to do. As soon as the vet gives her the all-clear, then we will be searching for a special home for this stunning, loving, and very special little girl! 

To see Sparkle and her story in action, visit our Facebook page to watch her video.

If you would like to help Sparkle, please consider a donation towards her care. Visit the Puppy Mill Rescue Team’s PayPal page here.

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