Compassionate Rescue

Most people agree that rescue work by nature is a compassionate act, but most people would equate that to the animals rescuers are helping, and it’s true. However rescue work can often be done in a way that is compassionate to people.

If you follow social media, and you see posts about people struggling with their pets, you will often also see a string of unkind comments, of un-compassionate remarks. Words that don’t take into account the struggles that good people, caring people can face.

We recently were involved in a rescue like that. Athena is the sweetest, most gentle girl who has clearly been loved and cared for by a family that adored her.

Her family was on a list waiting for a low cost spay appointment to open up. Unfortunately during that time Athena became pregnant. As her belly grew so did their worries. How would they help her birth her babies? What would they do with all the babies? How could they pay for all of the supplies they may need?

Fortunately they reached out…. and their plea for help was answered by us, The Puppy Mill Rescue Team. We help puppy mill survivors, but we do not discriminate. We help with shelter dogs, stray dogs, owner surrenders. We help where we can, when we can.

Athena joined our rescue and immediately went into a foster home with experience in welping puppies. A week later, she delivered 11 healthy pups. It was a good thing she was where she was, as the delivery was tough on her, and she had to be transported to the vet to help her through the full delivery.

So back to compassion. Athena’s family has since visited her, and we will be returning her to them after she is spayed. We will provide vet care for all the puppies and find wonderful, screened, adoptive homes for each of them. Reuniting dogs with their families that love them is a gift that we are happy to give. Athena deserves the very best, and it is clear by her beautiful nature that she had that living in her home.

In the mean time, we will have out hands full with a pile of puppies. Continue to follow our page for updates on this family.

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