NCCR’s Husky makes her own run for Freedom

On our recent transport on 6-14-19, we were missing one. Literally.

Some of the puppy mill dogs get brought in to the vet clinic on the morning of transport by their mill owners. They get their exam, vaccinations, and anything else they need. Then they hop onto transport to take their freedom ride to their committing rescue.

Northern Chautauqua Canine Rescue’s beautiful Husky decided she was going to make a run for her freedom, not knowing a loving foster home was waiting for her. She ran away from the mill owner, before she ever made it into the clinic. She took off and could not be found. We were all honestly scared we would never see this blue eyed girl again.

The Puppy Mill Rescue Team contacted the wonderful dog wardens at Holmes County Shelter to alert them what had happened. We knew there was a small chance somebody actually would be able to catch her and turn her in as a stray.

The team at Holmes County Shelter immediately went over to see if they could find her, which we never thought they would… but miraculously they did! She was about a mile away from the clinic and was frightened from all the activity that happened in the morning. They could not get quite close enough to her to secure her.

The wardens did the only thing that they could, which was to rush back to the shelter to grab a large sized humane trap. They headed back to where she was found, all the while praying she would still be there. When they got there they set the trap up right away with some canned dog food in it. Incredibly. she went right in!

The Holmes County Shelter has been so kind and generous. They have held her for her rescue, Northern Chautauqua Canine Rescue. They will be bringing her to the vet clinic to meet the Puppy Mill Rescue Team drivers, so that she can get all the necessary vet work she needs to travel to New York.

We want to do a huge shout out of thanks to Jonathan Beam, the awesome dog warden in Holmes County, who’s quick action caught this beautiful girl. We want to thank all of the staff at Holmes County Dog Warden’s and Adoption Center for taking such great care of her for a few days until we can arrange another transport. You’re truly her heroes!!! 

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