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If you are familiar with the rescue world, you are aware that it is often dominated by females. Or, maybe it just appears that way…

We asked our volunteers and rescue partners to tell us about the “men of rescue” and we got an overwhelming response. Check out the stories below.

Dennis is an expert at cleaning up the mill dogs.

This is my dad Dennis. He is a huge animal lover and passed that trait onto me. He loves every foster I bring around. I can always count on him to give them a good bath, lots of love and help me out when needed.

Jamie R.
Greg goes the extra mile… literally!

Greg is an integral part of our transports and fostering here at Passion For Pets. Him and his wife LeAnn do the transports from Buffalo, NY to our rescue in Maine. He is pictured here with one of our puppy mill rescues, Bagel who they foster failed on.

Emily C.

My husband Greg drives to Buffalo once a month to pick up all the mill dogs with me 24 plus hours of driving. He also cleans crates walks dogs stays. With them when scared. He is 100% supportive of all rescue needs.

Leann R.
Scott loves to attend events to support his wife.

Scott is a pilot so he is away a lot but when he is here he attends every rescue event we have for Passion For Pets. He helps with fosters from the puppy mill (5 huskies so far this year!) He always makes sure dogs get to the vet, meds are picked up, dogs are fed etc. Pictured here is him with our foster fail, Reba the red head.

Emily C.
Josh is a play expert.

My husband Josh ❤️ I somehow dont have any pictures of him with any of our mill fosters but this was a puppy we fostered last year! He is so good with the dogs he is a play expert and loves teaching the mill dogs just how to be a dog . Always willing to drop everything to help me transport dogs to rescues or vet appointments or pick them up from bad situations. He’s also Always there when I need a kennel cleaned or just picking up the thousand piles of fluff from the dog toys that are always around our house.

Kayla H.
John is a great support system for the dogs and his wife!

My husband is my back up for so many things. I could not do what I do without his support. Together we have fostered well over 100 animals, many of them puppy mill survivors.

Lisa S.
Alan isn’t a fan of all the poop, but supports his wife.

My very handsome husband Alan. He puts up with all the chaos that comes with rescue. The poop, the fosters, the poop, the phone calls, the poop, the transports, the poop and me doing endless marketing (and did I mention the poop). I am so lucky to have his support.

Jamie R.
Check out Rob at an upcoming PMRT event!

 Rob attends most events with me , is a great foster dad and has driven many transports for the team

Meghan W.
Zack is great at helping any kind of dog.

Zack is an integral part of helping us retrain and instill confidence in all the dogs (and horses) that we get in. From the mill dogs to the botched schutzhund dogs to the ex-fighting pits, he always gives them a shot. Many have issues with men so winning them over takes extra effort on his part. His willingness to bring the tricky dogs into our home and give them a chance saves lives… we couldn’t do what we do safely without being a team.

Rachel B.
Keegan’s husband is always lending a helping hand.

My husband is an amazing help to the puppy mill pups and myself! I couldn’t do half of what I do without his help.

Kegan C.
John helps support rescues in anyway he can

This is John. He has been a consistent contributor of the Puppy Mill Rescue Team and other area animal rescues. He helps funds our transports and has even adopted from the team.

Jamie R.
The Hammond family men love animals!

The guys of the Hammond family (Nick and sons Tyler and Trevor) have helped so many animals over the years. Whether it’s fostering dogs or horses for us (and other rescues) or jumping in the truck after a night shift to meet us for an animal emergency, this crew is a godsend. 
(Oh and mama Janis is a freaking powerhouse 😍).

Rachel B.
Dave, the mill dog whisperer should have his own TV show.

My father is like the extremely terrified puppy mill dog whisperer. He has fostered a couple of our most scared puppy mill pulls at Passion For Pets and manages to earn their trust and pull them out of their shell. He gives bathes, brushes dogs, feeds dogs, takes them out, drops dogs off and picks them up at the vet and so much more!

Kurt loves the short nose dogs.

My partner in crime, Kurt. He is very supportive of StoryTellers and always up fostering a beabull or EBD, or pregnant dog, or what Carolyn P and I might find for him LOL Here, he is with Macan who was completely in love with him before being adopted.

Tatjana V.
Everyone likes a man who won’t say no to his wife brining home a new foster (or 3).

Mr. Seamus. Events: he helps with them! Transport: he drives them! Mill runs: he goes on them! Fosters and all that it includes… He almost *never* says no to his wife to bringing home a new foster or 3! We count on him for so much, don’t know what we would do without him and if you ever need a stellar Simpson’s reference he’s your man!

We can’t even guess how many dogs George has saved.

To try to count how many dogs George has brought to freedom is like trying to count the stars in the sky or sand on the beach. He has been a literal driving force in so many rescues.

Jamie R.
Deb’s husband loves to foster!

My husband, a foster day for years & years, holding Periwinkle a baby Frenchie we fostered. Dumped from a mill because she had ear infections, eye infections, and a little bit of demodex. We fostered her and got her all better, and she got adopted and is now known as Princess Fiona Winky Pants, Winky for short. Winky is what Scott called her as short for Periwinkle and her adopters loved it and kept it. Winky is now a thoroughly trained, legitimate service dog & therapy dog, and goes with her mom to visit special needs kids. Mill reject to helping special needs kids…. priceless!!!

Deb B.
He is good with dogs and auto repair!

My husband, Rod, is R2R’s mechanic. There is no way I could continue transport without him!

Jaime F.
Jeremiah is getting close to 1,000 dogs saved!

This is Jeremiah – The Rescue Inn co-founder and currently on the Board. He is the reason I discovered “rescue”. We have saved over 800 dogs through TRI and countless more through other organizations. This is Jeremiah and puppy mill newfie doodle Hagrid – now Moose – on his way to a home visit!

Bob may be the new guy on the Puppy Mill Rescue Team, but he is already making a huge difference.

Bob from Companion Pets of Cleveland! Though he is newer to the puppy mill group, he has been helping dogs, cats and farm animals for years! He has jumped right into helping mill dogs and isn’t afraid of a challenge. He also has a fan club in Cleveland. 

Jamie R.

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