Happy Mother’s Day Gwen!

Mother’s day is a day to honor moms. Female puppy mill prisoners are moms, but are not honored. They have litter after litter in overcrowded wired cages that are dirty, and veterinary care is scarce to non-existent . They are exposed to the hottest summer days and coldest winter nights as are surrounded by dangerous levels of ammonia from urine build up. They are matted with overgrown nails and often suffer from infections and injuries.

According to the Humane Society, 128,000 breeding females are in prisoned in puppy mills. Today we would like to honor one of those puppy mill moms, who has survived with the help of Buffalo CARES. Buffalo CARES says:

Gwen is a 6 year old Beagle from a puppy mill who came to Buffalo CARES pregnant, full of fleas and with a full blown eye infection. When concerns about a stalled labor occurred, Gwen was rushed to the ER. Due to her blood results and age, it was decided a C-section would be too risky for her. Gwen ended up having one puppy at home, and then after a large pause, she was brought back to the ER. The second puppy did not make it, and it was a very extremely risky delivery for Gwen. Thankfully, Gwen and her son Nick Furry pulled through. They are being adopted by the families that helped save their lives by fostering them. This situation isn’t abnormal for a dog from a mill. Please support the mill team, the rescues that foster these dogs and think about fostering yourself to help save a dog like Gwen.

If you would like to support Buffalo CARES and help with medical bills, visit their fundraisers on Custom Ink to get apparel with Gwen and her baby on it!

Watch Gwen’s video below to watch her transform from prisoner, to mother, to loved pet!

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