That Newfoundland Place and Find A Home Pet Rescue join the Puppy Mill Rescue Team

The Puppy Mill Rescue Team is happy to announce our new team members, That Newfoundland Place and Find A Home Pet Rescue.

The team at That Newfoundland Place team feels that they can help with Newfoundlands that are released from the puppy mills as they have vast experience with Newfoundlands and have been in the Newf Rescue arena for decades. Their rescue is well run and caters to the needs of this breed with the proper set up to accommodate Newfoundlands. They have been making a difference in the lives of rescue Newfoundlands for decades. They are careful not to take on more than they can handle well, but feel by expanding their working network, it will allow them to help more dogs find loving and secure homes.

Founders, Cathy and Ed Derench believe that short term success is measured not only by the number of dogs and people who are helped each year but also by the quality of that help. Great pride is taken in ensuring that proper placements are made. Dogs who are placed and stay in the new home until they are old and pass is a long term measure of success complimented only by former adopters returning for another dog from the organization. As former rescue volunteers for other organizations for decades, the long term measure is indicative of true success!

Find A Home Pet Rescue has experience rescuing puppy mill dogs. They have many success stories working with mill cases. They told us that they joined our team because of our stellar reputation!

Tanya Hirsch of Find A Home said, Mill dogs have been failed on so many levels… we hope to make a change one dog at a time. Second chances for them and life changing experiences for our fosters and adopters.” From our perspective, truer words have never been spoken!

Meet some of the team from Find A Home Pet Rescue in the photo gallery below!

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