When the rescuer needs rescued

All the rescues of the Puppy Mill Rescue Team do incredible work. Hundreds of volunteers are helping over 40 rescues in states scattered across the northeast United States to make our team possible. There are times though, when a rescuer has too big of a heart and takes on too much.

It is a sad day when we are tasked with rescuing from the rescuer. We want to encourage everyone to report to authorities concerns in regards to animal welfare, but please maintain professional boundaries with regards to social media. We are all in this for the dogs and want to remain a positive force in the rescue community.help-3049553_960_720

The Puppy Mill Rescue Team also wants to put out there that we are a team, and if anyone ever needs support that they can reach out to us. We know that sometimes unexpected things happen: fosters quit, dogs get returned, many requests for surrenders come in. We don’t want to see anyone in a position where they have too many. There is help available, and we are here not to judge you, but to give the best outcome for everyone and ever dog involved.

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