Green Mountain Pug Rescue joins the Puppy Mill Rescue Team

The Puppy Mill Rescue Team would like to welcome Green Mountain Pug Rescue to our team.
Green Mountain Pug Rescue is a 501 (c) (3) non profit rescue group of unpaid volunteers within Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine & parts of New York. Their dogs come from owner surrenders, shelters and now puppy mills!
They have worked with puppy mill dogs in the past, and are excited to start making a difference in puppy mill dog’s lives again. 
Volunteer Judy shared one of her favorite mill rescue stories with us 

One of my most heartfelt puppy mill stores was about a Pug named Lil’ Vern.   When we used to get the retired cast off pugs directly from the Amish Breeders, they would send along the papers showing the bloodlines of the dog.  Many many of the certificates showed a sire named Lil’ Vern.  I always used to wish we could get Lil’ Vern out.  After several years of praying for Lil’ Vern, they decided to get rid of him.  He had reached his maximum number of AKC breedings.  The day that Lil’ Vern was adopted to his forever home was one of my best days ever.

We are excited that Green Mountain Pug Rescue decided to join our team and can not wait to partner with them to save dogs!

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