The Puppy Mill Rescue Team has an urgent need for more rescue partners

We are seeing a growing number of puppy mill dogs being surrendered. We have already saved more dogs in 2019 then we did in all of 2018.

It is a beautiful thing to see so many dogs escape the horrible life they had living in the mills. As excited as we are to see so many dogs getting freedom, we also have the constant worry on our minds that the day may come that we do not have enough rescue partners to help us save them all.

We are in need of more rescues to join our team. We have an urgent need for all-breed, Beagle and Husky rescues.

Currently, we have a transport team that goes from Northeast OH, to Northwestern PA, to Western NY and then lastly Central NY. Rescues who are outside the transport area may join, but will need to arrange their own transportation from their location to central Ohio.

To learn more about joining our team please email us at and check out our rescue page to see the basic requirements to become a partner of the Puppy Mill Rescue Team.

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