19 Puppy Mill Dogs Rescued on 6/5

19 dogs have received their freedom today! Please enjoy their freedom ride photos and reference the chart below if you are interested in adopting a puppy mill survivor!

BreedSexAgeReceiving Rescue
Weimaranerm 5Weimaraner Rescue of NY
Weimaranerm 5Weimaraner Rescue of NY
Weimaranerf5Weimaraner Rescue of NY
Weimaranerf1 & 1/2Weimaraner Rescue of NY
Mini Poodlef2Puppy Mill Rescue Team
Shih Tzu-Maltesef5Puppy Mill Rescue Team
Labrador Retrieverf6Puppy Mill Rescue Team
Shiba Inuf2 & 1/2Hamburg Mutts
Yorkief5Storyteller’s Express
Shih Tzuf6Storyteller’s Express
Beabullf3Deacon’s Hope
Beabullf3Deacon’s Hope
Standard Poodlem3Passion For Pets
Dalmationm5 monthsBella Run
Dalmationf5 monthsBella Run
Dalmationf3Tanner’s Paws
Dalmationf1Passion For Pets
Boxerf10 weeksRebel Riders

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