Volunteers make a difference in puppy mill dog’s lives.

One thing we always like to push is telling people that the Puppy Mill Rescue Team is truly a team. It takes a lot of rescues and volunteers to do what we do.

We would like to spot light some of the volunteers who have made a huge difference in puppy mill dog’s lives.

Mastiffs To Mutts – Amber

Marjaneh let us know all about the great things Amber has done for Mastiffs To Mutts.

Let me tell you a little bit about this gem- Amber is a mother, a wife, and has a full time job. She never misses a baseball game or practice for her kiddo, yet she serves as our transport coordinator, organizes fundraisers, and can figure out getting a mill dog out with little notice. She has amazing contacts and always makes sure she is operating in way to keep the dogs and other transporters safe. She is truly an amazing human being and Mastiffs to Mutts would not be what we are without her. We are so grateful for her!

Rescue Pups – Susan

Rescue Pups can’t thank Susan enough for her tireless dedication to rescue. She is pictured with her friend Blosson.

The Rescue Inn – Marsha and Sherry

Sisters Marsha and Sherry are blessings to The Rescue Inn! Marsha serves as Vice-President and coordinates countless medical appointments for all of their dogs. Sherry is the Foster Coordinator and has primary responsibility for matching rescue dogs to foster families to ensure success. Both Sherry and Marsha help The Rescue Inn’s puppy mill dogs adjust to foster care to ensure success. In addition to these duties, both Marsha and Sherry help place the adoptable dogs. They have helped over 800 dogs to date through The Rescue Inn!

Purebred Rescue Organization of Ohio – Keegan and Jenn

Board member Joyce cannot say enough great things about Purebred Rescue Organization of Ohio volunteers Keegan and Jenn.

Purebred Rescue would be totally lost without our fabulous transporter and foster Keegan. She works a full time job and schedules her days off around days needing mill runs. Many times she has switched her shift or got someone else to work for her so she can go on a dog run.

Keegan is often joined by her copilot, Jenn

Jenn and her come through every time. And she is so willing to help bring back other dogs for other rescues. A great example of working together.

Akron Canine Rescue Angels – Donna

Donna has been an ACRA foster for small dogs for many years! She and her husband Jim are awesome and have a huge heart for the puppy mill dogs. In their loving care, they help these shut down little dogs blossom into healthy happy dogs!

StoryTeller’s Express Inc. – Tatjana and Cyndi

Tatjana wears many hats with StoryTeller’s Express Inc. She is the Vice President, Transport Coordinator, Foster Extraordinaire, and oh so much more. She loves the beabulls that are rescued from the mills, but also takes in small breeds and pretty much anything we need a hand with (including birthing unexpected babies). Fellow volunteer Carolyn told us

“We would be crippled without her help – she’s the most amazing volunteer one could have!”

Cyndi is an all around experienced foster, and helps StoryTeller’s Express Inc. with all sorts of dogs, from puppies to seniors. Cindy’s positive attitude and patience helps puppy mill rescue dogs come out of their shell and start the process of healing. Pictured below is Cindy with one of her first puppy mill rescues, who was on her way to her loving home!

Hamburg Mutts for Freedom – Jane and Lisa

Hamburg Mutts for Freedom are lucky to have Jane and Lisa, who are so great with puppy mill dog rehabilitation.

Natalie told us

“This is Jane with puppy mill survivor CC. She is so wonderful with the puppy mill babies that she fosters. She is patient and loving and brings them out of their shells. And she finds them the most amazing homes. She also helps so much organizing our fundraising events with her organizational skills.

“Lisa has fostered many of our puppy mill babies and she is so great with them. She is patient and loving with them and lets them know they are safe. She has found them wonderful homes and keeps in touch with the adoptive families. This is Lisa with her most recent puppy mill baby.”

Do you want to make a difference? Check out our how to help page to join these wonderful volunteers in our mission.

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