Dexter’s Story

Dexter was rescued with the Puppy Mill Rescue and StoryTeller’s Express in November 2018. Originally thought to be a boy, (hence the name) Dexter was a girl.

Dexter was surrendered by a puppy mill as she had been the runt of the litter and had contracted campylobacter bacteria. She tested clean upon transport, however she continued to have explosive diarrhea from an unknown cause.  This is where the journey began.

StoryTeller’s Express started with their local vet and tried all of the following over the next couple months:

·        Parasite testing/treatment
·        EPI testing/treatment
·        Introduction to weekly B12 injections
·        SubQ fluids
·        Intestinal antibiotics
·        General antibiotics
·        An additional round of antibiotics designed to treat a campylobacter recurrence.

As of mid January 2019 they were able to secure an appointment with a board certified internist (the only one in upstate NY) and they headed off to Syracuse, NY to see if they could find answers.  Veterinary Medical Center of CNY’s Dr Danielle Davignon has overseen her care to date she continues to battle for her life.

Testing and treatment at VMC has not been successful in a clear diagnosis, even though they have tried all of the following and more:

·        Multiple ultrasounds
·        Bloodwork (repeatedly)
·        Hereditary testing
·        Specific dietary changes
·        Parasite testing
·        Various blood tests for specific diseases with her symptoms

As of Tuesday May 14th Dexter was scheduled for an upper & lower GI series, however she was failing and too weak to endure anesthesia. She has been admitted to intensive care since that time and has been receiving supportive IVs, tube feedings, broad spectrum antibiotics, sodium chloride, and blood transfusions.

As of today StoryTeller’s Express’ bill is running around $10,000. They have also ordered special food in hopes her body would accept it. Her intestines are so inflamed and filled with fluid that she as not been able to get her system to accept nourishment from anything else so far. The supportive care is just assisting her in holding her own. Her food arrives May 21 and hopefully there will be some improvement with this introduction.

StoryTeller’s Express’ team of volunteers have a lot of worries with little Dexter. You can help by donation toward her care, so medical bills are just one less concern.

Donate to Dexter at

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