A peek into Piper’s first year.

A heartwarming story from American Eskimo Rescue found Anne G.

Remember alumni PIPER…the Pomsky we took from the puppy mils of Ohio at the beginning of the year. The little 2.5lb, puppy with no eyes? She celebrated her 1st birthday on December 6th.

A note from her Mom in Illinois: Well, here we are 1 year later and this little girl is going strong!! She continues to delight everyone that comes in contact with her and shows boundless energy and love of life. I’ve included some pictures of her so that you can see just how hearty she is and how active she is. Each day brings another smile to my face as I see her run around the house or out on walks challenging every dog that we meet no matter their size.

Learn more about American Eskimo Rescue at http://www.ohioeskierescue.com/ .

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