A Beautiful Beabull Life

From Hamburg Mutts for Freedom volunteer Kelly N.

Misty the beabull was around 6-7 years old when she was rescued from the puppy mill. She went to another foster for the first month that she was with Hamburg Mutts for Freedom, but Misty and the resident dog (also a puppy mill rescue) were having peeing contests and ruining the floors. Misty fit into our household very well. She was great with our dog, cats, and was always smiling. Misty had a very mischievous streak. She’d be sound asleep in her crate but if you walked away for five minutes, she’d be in the kitchen trying to get the pantry door open. Thankfully she didn’t mind spending time in her crate when she couldn’t be supervised. She still had problems with accidents in the home and because of that, she was in foster with us for nine months. We had to wait for the perfect family to come along – one that was willing to accept the possibility that she might never be fully house-trained. Eventually a couple came along who wanted to give a home to a dog that was less adoptable. They had two other dogs and were prepared to love Misty despite her accidents. They’re all doing very well and they love Misty, accidents and all!

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