What happens when a mill dog meets a cat?

Puppy mill dogs are accustom to other dogs, but what happens when they are introduced in a home that has cats? We reached out to the experts, the team members who have had both mill dogs and cats in the same home!

Here are their responses.

Luanne I-Cindylou Who will not socialize with many of the dogs. This however, was a Goberian mill pup that I recently fostered that she liked.
Tatjana D.
Tatjana D -I don’t have cats, but a 3 of my beabull fosters went into a home with cats and they did / are doing fantastic. They couldn’t care any less that cat is there.
Kelly W.- We fostered Misty the beabull (puppy mill survivor) and she loved snuggling up with all the animals!
Jennifer H. – Here’s Ellie less than a week into getting her (she was still a puppy, but a cute picture nonetheless!)

Kimberly N.- Cat does fine, she’ll smack him if he gets too frisky.
Deborah L. -my cat totally ignoring boston that came in May last year.

Greg-Leann A.- All 5 of the mill dogs we have are good with cats

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