A Pregnant Puppy Mill Rescue?!


Rarely, the team does a rescue where a puppy mill dog is pregnant. We assume the mill owners do not know, since puppies make them their profit!

On one of our transports in December, the team rescued four adult Papillon-Maltese dogs. One of the dogs that went to Blue Moon Meadows was becoming chunky quickly! After a trip to the vet, they discovered she would be having puppies in the next few days. Thanks to the volunteers, the puppies had a safe and clean environment to be born into on December 28th, 2018. Mommy had three boys and one girl. They will all be altered when old enough, and then will be adopted to screened adopters.

The three other Papillon-Maltese dogs went to Pets Alive WNY and Storyteller’s Express. Pets Alive’s rescue was not pregnant, but one of the two dogs Storyteller’s Express’ rescued was!

Ginger from Storyteller’s Express gave birth today to two boys and one girl! Mommy was surrounded by love and support, instead of being in a dirty and dismal puppy mill.

Stories like this fill us with joy and hope. But, we must remember all the dogs still in the puppy mills.

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